KSport® - SuperComp Cross Drilled Brake Kit

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SuperComp Cross Drilled Brake Kit by KSport®. This is K-Sport's most extreme brake upgrade kit designed to provide the highest level of stopping power with larger-diameter disc rotors. All calipers feature 1-piece construction from a solid billet of aircr
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SuperComp Cross Drilled Brake Kit by KSport®. This is K-Sport's most extreme brake upgrade kit designed to provide the highest level of stopping power with larger-diameter disc rotors. All calipers feature 1-piece construction from a solid billet of aircraft grade aluminum for light weight, unparalleled strength and freedom from corrosion along with aluminum pistons that provide better heat resistance and smoother operation.


KSport's higher level brake upgrade kit that includes replacement calipers, rotors, pads, brake lines, and related hardware
SuperComp rotors add standard full-floating design for better self-centering in the caliper which lowers brake drag and boosts performance
All components are designed for bolt-on replacement without modifications
See Product Options for larger rotor sizes and designs, brake pad choices, caliper choices, and color options
All calipers feature 1-piece construction from a solid billet of aluminum for light weight and unparalleled strength
Opposed-piston caliper design greatly improves pad grip and reduces uneven wear
Aluminum caliper pistons provide freedom from corrosion, better heat resistance, and lighter weight
Reinforced carbon steel caliper brackets allow these larger-than-OEM size calipers to bolt directly on to existing mounting points
All rotors feature 2-piece design with an aluminum center for lower rotational mass, quicker braking response, and shorter stopping distances
2-piece design greatly reduces chance of rotor warpage through less restricted expansion/contraction of outer iron section
All caliper seals are heavy duty for sustained high-temperature racetrack use
Outer rotor sections are crafted from iron with high carbon content which achieves low levels of noise, vibration, and harshness
Stainless steel brake lines prevent expansion under high temperatures and pressures for faster pedal response
Drilled rotors are recommended for daily street use and feature holes in rotor surface to wipe away heat, dust, and gases
1-year manufacturer warranty


Drilled rotors improve the appearance of your wheels and provide reduced rotor weight
2-Piece rotors offer great weight savings and provide rapid heat dissipation compared to 1-piece rotors
Floating rotor design provides better contact of rotor blade and pad
Vented type of rotors offer much faster heat dissipation
Multi-piston calipers provide clamping force on both sides of the rotor at the same time and uniformly transfer braking force to the brake pads
Caliper pistons are hollow to save weight
Aluminum caliper body allows for exceptional light weight (up to 40% of weight savings) and ensures superior corrosion resistance
Caliper heat-resistant coating prevent cracking and fading

KSport offers their highest and most powerful level of stopping power with SuperComp brake upgrade packages that require no vehicle modifications to install. They offer all benefits of KSport's ProComp kit, but with bigger calipers, bigger rotors, more pistons, and increased stopping power through larger pads (front SuperComp calipers are even equipped with a double set of brake pads). No matter which kit you select, you'll get the benefits of decades of racetrack experience and engineering from KSport. All brake calipers are cut from one block of aluminum rather than being cast or welded together. This provides perfectly even thicknesses and strength over every part of the caliper block to eliminate weak spots which lead to fracturing, warpage, and failure over time. To build on the weight-reducing characteristics of the calipers, caliper pistons are also made from aluminum and protected with heavy-duty seals designed to handle racetrack temperatures. Better heat transferrance ensures pistons slide smoothly and evenly without drag, and the aluminum ensures caliper operation remains uncompromised by corrosion over time. Additionally, an opposed-piston design ensures brake pad grip and wear remain consistent on both sides of the rotor.

All rotors are a 2-piece design to provide light weight, fade-free performance on the racetrack, effective grip during street racing and drifting, and comfortable, easy-to-use operation under normal driving conditions. Lightweight center sections crafted from 6061-T6 aircraft-grade aluminum give you the benefit of lower rotational mass – making wheels easier to stop, and giving you the instant snap of brake response that's proper for high performance driving. Because the outer section of the 2-piece rotor can expand and contract independently from the center section, chances of the entire rotor warping due to heat buildup are greatly reduced. And since aluminum is a better conductor of heat, the center sections serve as effective heat sinks by passing heat off faster to the air and to the hub assembly. Combined, these two factors give them a much longer service life than traditional 1-piece rotors. For the serious racetrack driver that's mindful of avoiding temperature buildup which causes brake fluid boiling and pedal fade, all SuperComp rotors are built with a "full floating" design. Such a layout features an outer section designed to shift slightly as needed. Better self-centering in the caliper lowers brake drag and boosts performance through more even application.

SuperComp rotors are also available in "Street" applications with cross-drilled holes in the outer section to provide effective management of heat, dust, and gasses that build up during aggressive driving. Drilled rotors are best matched to low-dust, long-life "Street" ceramic pads that function most effectively in the 194 – 1,022 degree Fahrenheit range typically reached on the street. For heavier-duty track use, KSport recommends rotors in slotted form for more solidity along with "Race" pads that function most effectively in the 482 – 1,472 degree Fahrenheit range reached during racing.

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KSport warrants that its brake products will be free from defects in material and workmanship for 1 year from the date of purchase by the Original Purchaser. This warranty does not apply to any brake products that have been subjected to misuse, mishandling, misapplication, neglect (including but not limited to improper maintenance), improper installation, or alterations.

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This warranty does not apply to any K-Sport product which has been modified, customized, painted, dented, rusted or improperly installed.